Beyond the Oils Book Bonus Page

Thanks for reading my book, Beyond the Oils!  

As promised, here are some of your bonuses.


If you are interested in accelerating your dōTERRA business, check out the MLM Mastery Club. We have a hidden dōTERRA section with a community and courses focused on dōTERRA.

Included in that area is my 60 Days to Silver Course and others such as AromaTouch Prospecting, Competing with Amazon, and even PV sorted oil price lists to save you time when ordering.

If you are interested, please email Ron (at) with a subject line containing “dōTERRA interest” to let me know to enable the dōTERRA section. Also, let me know if you are interested in the 60 Days to Silver Course. (I’ll give you a $100 coupon for the course.)


If you are interested in the Simple Connector CRM Mobile App, you can get to the early adopter’s page by clicking here. This app will revolutionize how you collect and follow up with people when you are out and about. It is SUPER intuitive and simple to use but powerful enough to allow you control over what goes out to people.  It also includes a daily task list tied to prospects (or contacts) and so much more like email blasts to groups you can create and a single-page screen to enter your friend, prospect, or team members name, email, and phone along with notes and what type of into send to them. All for an extremely low cost. Check it out by clicking here. (

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