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Sep 10, 2019

Below, you’ll find the two bonus chapter videos. My 60 Days to Silver students really liked both of them.. and I hope you do, as well.

If you are interested in the Simple Connector CRM Mobile App, you can get to the early adopter’s page by clicking here. This app will revolutionize how you collect and follow up with people when you are out and about. It is SUPER intuitive and simple to use but powerful enough to allow you control over what goes out to people.  It also includes a daily task list tied to prospects (or contacts) and so much more like email blasts to groups you can create and a single-page screen to enter your friend, prospect, or team members name, email, and phone along with notes and what type of into send to them. All for an extremely low cost. Check it out by clicking here.

The $100 savings coupon for 60 Days to Silver is: BTO60DTS.  Right now, we are are a summer break while I finish up the book website pages, finish up the the Simple Connector Mobile App, and restructure some of the current 60 Days to 60 Program taking into account student feedback on what works and what isn’t necessary. I’ll also factor in what’s already in this book so you don’t get the same thing. 60 Days to Silver is a web-based and mobile app accessible training system to help you reach silver the way I did. — I did it in just a little over a month after deciding (at 900OV) to go for it. The link is ready, but I’ll hold off on it for a week or so.

I will add other information to this page to flesh it out more!

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